With Swing, Circus Ronaldo opens up the stage to a new generation. With his father Danny Ronaldo as his coach, Nanosh Ronaldo and five young circus performers have conjured up the circus and variety vibe of the first half of the 20th century. Swing is a performance for a wide audience and for all ages, underpinned by the powerful DNA of the exceptional Ronaldo tradition.

The future of Circus Ronaldo is assured, because Danny has a great many plans… and a great many children…

Creation: 3 July 2019 (Antwerp, BE)


Circus Ronaldo

  • Genre: Circus
  • World premiere: 3 July '19 Zomer Van Antwerpen
  • Performance period: until December '21
  • Creation & performance: Nanosh Ronaldo, Corneel Didier, Laure Osselin, Kimi Hartmann, Anke Jochems & Jason Van Lith
  • Artistic assistance: Danny Ronaldo & Jo De Rijck

“Swing is the sort of old-fashioned, warm-blooded circus performance that you now rarely see, steeped in a retro atmosphere and with a real big band – or at least an automatic installation by the Decap organ family.”

De Standaard

“And here is Nanosh, part of the seventh generation of Circus Ronaldo. With him we’re in full Swing.”

Le Soir


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