Sono io ?

Sono io ?

Danny Ronaldo turns fifty this year. An acclaimed clown with more than forty years’ experience standing on stage and tumbling in the sawdust in the ring.

When my son Pepijn was born, the most intense period of international travel in my life began. We were forced to spend so much time apart. And that missed time together has now given birth to an intense connection in everything we do. But that connection also contains many mysteries that have still not really been resolved. I’m really looking forward to uncovering these together on stage.

Pepijn Ronaldo is twenty-one and Danny’s second son. As a little boy of eight he had a role in Circenses. A playful debut, but one in which he instantly made his mark with the Ronaldo audience. Meanwhile, he has just graduated from the Lassad international school of theatre. Here Pepijn was able to focus on various different authentic theatre styles such as Commedia dell’arte, pantomime, melodrama, expressive mask, and is now keen to combine this academic background with his love of the circus and his love of clowns.

“I’ve always had a sensitive connection with my Dad. A way of being, a way of doing things which, scarily enough, I sometimes recognise in the smallest movement that I make. And I would like to project this similarity like a mirror on stage. The similarities that we share, but also the differences.”

Technical rider
Technical rider

Circus Ronaldo

  • Genre: Theatre / Circus
  • World premiere: summer '20
  • Performance period: until December '21
  • Creation & performance: Danny & Pepijn Ronaldo

“As an artistic creator, Danny is a great circus architect. He manages to constantly reinvent himself, gets better and better, and always remains true to himself."

Flemish Award for Culture - Circus 2018


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