The last night on earth

The last night on earth

“Night has always been the kingdom of freedom and fear, an area where boundaries become blurred, where everything changes appearance and meaning in a state of rapture or terror. Night asks questions of our lives and examines our finitude. In fact, in the “Epic of Gilgamesh”, the Mesopotamian hero wanted to try and free himself from the cycle of sleep: to stay awake for more than six days in order to become immortal. Centuries later, are we about to succeed where he failed? And if we are, what will we be in the future? An eternal yet exhausted human race? Does night perhaps gaze at us now with great pity, we who have lost the art of sleeping? Is it perhaps time to listen to the voice of night and let it sweep us off our feet?”

The last night on earth  will be about how the night is getting shorter and shorter in our current society, under the influence of capitalism, the continuous consumption.

Fabrice about The last night on earth (in Franch, English subtitels)

For example, the average American sleeps for three hours less than his or her grandparents. When we consider places like Moscow or Singapore which are the ultimate cities – in other words, cities that never sleep – social rules have ceased to exist. You can go to the hairdresser or pay a visit to your insurance company at 2 am, go to work between 5 and 6 am and decide to go to sleep between 5 and 6 pm.

The text will be written by Laurent Gaudé and Fabrice Murgia will take care of the staging and performance. 

Creation: July 2021
Coproduction: Théâtre National Wallonie-Bruxelles (BE), Théâtre de Namur (BE), MARS-Mons Arts de la Scène (BE), Théâtre de Liège (BE), Central-La Louvière (BE), Théâtres en Dracénie-Draguignan (FR), Théâtre L’Aire Libre-Rennes (FR), CDN de Madrid (ES), Riksteatern (SE) & La Scène National d’Albi (FR)


Cie Artara

Fabrice Murgia
  • Genre: Theatre
  • World premiere: 7 July 2021 - Festival d'Avignon
  • Performance period: 2021-2022
  • Direction: Fabrice Murgia
  • Creation & performance: Fabrice Murgia & Laurent Gaudé, performed by Fabrice Murgia & Nancy Nkusi/Nadine Baboy
  • Sound design & arrangements: Brecht Beuselinck
  • Set design: Vincent Lemaire


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