Come On Feet

The meeting of club culture, live music and contemporary dance in a choreography of Bui Ngoc Quan

‘Come On Feet’ originated in our love for Electronic dance music (EDM) and our fascination with bringing this wide-ranging musical genre to a live audience. Within EDM, footwork, amongst other subgenres, drew our particular attention and kindled our imagination. Born on the streets of Chicago footwork’s music and dance style rapidly spread around the globe. Typically, intricate dance moves focusing on – yes, you guessed it – the feet accompany the high-paced rhythms. Together with house and afro dance we present footwork as a dance style with live performed club music. With 6 dancers and 2 musicians (Bert & Stijn Cools) on stage together with choreographer Quan Bui Ngoc (artistic assitence Alain Platel), we will explore the meeting of urban club culture and contemporary dance.



Bert & Stijn Cools
  • Genre: Dance/Music
  • World premiere: 3 October '20 Leietheater Deinze
  • Direction: Bui Ngoc Quan


03-10-2020 granvatCome On FeetDeinzeLeietheater


06-10-2020 granvatCome On FeetBrusselFestival ARTONOV
08-10-2020 granvatCome On FeetDiestCC Diest
10-10-2020 granvatCome On FeetBruggeKAAP
15-10-2020 granvatCome On FeetAntwerpenOLT Rivierenhof
22-10-2020 granvatCome On FeetHeist-op-den-BergCultuurcentrum Zwaneberg
28-10-2020 - 29-10-2020 granvatCome On FeetLeuvenSTUK Huis voor Dans
30-10-2020 granvatCome On FeetSint-NiklaasCC Sint-Niklaas