Come On Feet

Come On Feet grew out of a love for Electronic Dance Music (EDM). Together with house and afro dance, ‘footwork’ will be presented as a dance style accompanied by live club music. With five dancers and two musician brothers Stijn and Bert Cools, the choreographer Quan Bui Ngoc (les ballets C de la B) explores the encounter between urban club culture and contemporary dance.

The official premiere of the full-length performance will be in September 2020. However, granvat will already be presenting Come On Feet Club as from March. This is a shorter version (30 to 45 minutes) and will be perfect for creating a club atmosphere at festivals. It can even be programmed as a party warm-up or afterparty.

We are looking for coproducers.



Bert & Stijn Cools
  • Genre: Urban dance / Music
  • World premiere: September '20
  • Performance period: until December '21

    The meeting of urban club culture and contemporary dance


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