Cinema Malfait

A film by Gust Van den Berghe in a cosy little film theatre created by Circus Ronaldo

Danny Ronaldo has the lead role in a new film. For the screening of the film, Circus Ronaldo is converting an aged truck into an old-fashioned, cosy little film theatre, Cinema Malfait. But there’s more! After all, Cinema Malfait will be run by César Malfait (Karel Creemers), the seedy circus director in the film who will be waiting for the audience to put them on the wrong track before the screening even starts

It’s a mix of reality and fiction, an original project at the crossroads of circus, film and performance.

Technical rider
Technical rider

Circus Ronaldo

  • Genre: Film / Performance
  • Creation & performance: Karel Creemers, Diede Roosens & Carmine De Swerts

"Where well-crafted cinema and circus meet.”

De Morgen


Date Group Production Location Organizer
10-04-2021 - 11-04-2021 Circus Ronaldo Cinema Malfait Aalst CC De Werf


16-04-2021 - 17-04-2021 Circus Ronaldo Cinema Malfait Bilzen CC De Kimpel


23-04-2021 - 24-04-2021 Circus Ronaldo Cinema Malfait Izegem Cultuurhuis De Leest