A covid-proof promenade performance

Applause is a production born out of a huge cultural silence.
It’s the story of a circus with no audience.
The loneliness of a performer whom no one is watching.
A clown who hears no laughter, an acrobat no gasps of amazement, a ballerina who sees no admiring children’s eyes.
A boarded-up entrance.
Circus Ronaldo is not putting on a show today… or is it?

For this performance the circus tent remains empty.
You, the audience, do not go in through the entrance to the tent to sit down, but from one caravan to the other, from one character to the next.
You walk round the circus in your own small bubble, peep surreptitiously under the canvas of the tent and discover parts you have never seen before.
For a full four hours, a new bubble starts out every 8 minutes so that they never come into contact with each other.
Everyone you come across as you move around yearns for the same thing: ‘Would you please take a moment to watch me’; ‘Would you briefly let me be who I really am?’
A performance without applause, but full of intense longing.
From smouldering melancholy to playful hope, from consoling illusion to harsh reality.

Coproduction: Theater op de Markt – Dommelhof & CC De Ploter Ternat


Circus Ronaldo

  • Genre: Circus/theatre
  • World premiere: August 2020 Theaterfestival 's Hertogenbosch
  • Direction: DAnny Ronaldo

“Rarely has a circus performance been so intimate in intent yet had such a tremendous effect.” ****



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